These old Hungarian built locomotives were ordered to fasten the changeover to diesel traction in the mid-late 60's. In the early 60's the MÁV ordered 20 mainline diesel-electric locomotive from NoHAB of Sweden and later more than 250 M62's from the Soviet Uninon, but the last doesn't have any train heating equipment, thus something has happend. The GANZ-MÁVAG of Budapest developed the M40 and although some disadvantages were shown clearly at the very first moment (the output was low - 589-740 kW - and the axle load was too high - 18t - compared to this), the locomotives gave a great performance during more than 3 decades of duty, even when pulling far too heavy trains years for example at both sides of lake Balaton. They are now about to disappear from the Hungarian railways, but sometimes they can be seen even on passenger trains during Summer first in the area of Záhony. Nowadays there are about 20 operational exemplares of the former series of 74 pieces built between 1966 and 1970. In 2001 GySEV has bought the 222 (ex 239) and 208, both are remotorised as well as M40,214, 104 and 234 of MÁV.

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    1024x768, 81097 bytes. Meeting. Some years ago it was absolutely normal when these two locomotive-types met each other at table 29. Now it's impossible. Neither M61's, nor M40 are to be seen at lake Balaton in scheduled traffic. M40,201 with the semi-fast train to Szombathely meets M61,010 with train 9713 to Budapest at Zánka-Köveskál on 17th July 2000. Also available in smaller size: 800x600, 55764 bytes .

    1024x768, 134947 bytes. M40,113 is about to enter into it's home territory (Békéscsaba) in the biggest ever heat in Hungary's history. Picture was taken on 19th August 2000. M40,113 belongs to Záhony since Spring 2006 and was put in passenger duty in Summer 2006. Also available in smaller size: 800x600, 89953 bytes .

    1024x768, 79062 bytes. Possibly this is the last M40-hauled passenger train at the north side of lake Balaton. M40,209 is starting at Zánka-Köveskál with the season's last Summer-only Szombathely-Balatonfüred semi-fast train. Picture was taken on 26th August 2000. Also available in smaller size: 800x600, 51679 bytes.

    1024x768, 75788 bytes. Another goodbye at Tapolca. Just a few months before the really sad whitdrawn of the M61's also the M40's did their last passenger turns here. M40,209 is leading it's season's-last Summer-only Szombathely-Balatonfüred semi-fast train. Picture was taken on 26th August 2000. Also available in smaller size: 800x600, 48596 bytes .

    1024x768, 87405 bytes. Those days the M40's were in normal passenger duty on table 29. On the picture the M40,216 is waiting for the arrival of the fast train to Zalaegerszeg and then will start with train 9746 to Tapolca. Picture was taken in July 1993 by Zoltán Máthé. Also available in smaller size: 800x600, 55521 bytes .

    1024x768, 64907 bytes. M40,113 of Békéscsaba with a passenger train in the dawning hours of one of the hottest days ever in Hungary's history. This locomotive was repainted to it's original colours by the staff of it's home depot for the opening ceremony of the Hungarian Railway's History Park in Budapest. Picture was taken at Telekgerendás on 19th August 2000. Also available in smaller size: 800x600, 43068 bytes .

    1024x768, 55077 bytes. This picture had turned into history in less than a year after it was taken. M40,117 runs back to Celldömölk on the now electricified line. Today M40,117 is already cut up, M61,001 is repainted to the old red-stripped livery and neither that, nor other M61's are operating in regular duty anymore.Picture was taken on 8th May 1999 from a fast train's locomotive (M61,001). Also available in smaller size: 800x600, 36107 bytes .

    1024x768, 104697 bytes. Maybe the nicest surprise of year 2000: the Szombathely-Balatonfüred season train was hauled every working days with an M40! Unfortunately almost every time the remotorized and therefore still M40,203 was the motive power, but the picture shows a really monster, the 201 in front of the castle of Sümeg. Picture was taken on 17th July 2000. Also available in smaller size: 800x600, 68816 bytes .

    1024x768, 94256 bytes. M40,201 draws away with it's train from the lake Balaton - maybe it comes never here again... There are not too many chances to see this train with an M40 in Summer 2001 like one year before because this trainpair belongs now to Celldömölk instead of Szombathely. Also available in smaller size: 800x600, 62012 bytes .

    1024x768, 88405 bytes. The poor old ex-M40,004 is standing at Rákos station at Budapest. The locomotive has exchanged numbers with the 212 after that was whitdrawn in 1997, but it couldn't help it for too long: just some weeks after taking this photograph the loco caught fire and was whitdrawn and cut up thereupon. Picture was taken in May 1999. Also available in smaller size: 800x600, 58920 bytes .

    722x740, 60229 bytes. M40,206 at the Nyugati station. These lovely old Hungarian built locomotives are not out of danger, but are often used as reserve and shunting units. Sometimes they haul regular trains too. M40,206 caught fire in 2005 and it is not likely that it will be operable again - although it wasn't scrapped until now. Picture by GIGANT Club

    1024x768, 127704 bytes. M40,240 is accelerating at Rákos with an emergency train of 800 tons. This locomotive caught fire in 2006 and was burned out - and therefore scrapped.